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Gravity Wax


Carnauba Wax

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Gravity wax, provides a superior gloss and protection from the elements that gives stunning results on all paint types. Whether a professional detailer or just a clean freak who takes pride in their vehicle, this Cosmic Detail wax will provide the deep, wet look you are seeking.

As with all Carnauba waxes, to get the greatest benefit from the product, it is best applied to well maintained finishes. Amplify your freshly applied layer of wax by adding further coats of that precious carnauba.

39% T1 grade Brazilian carnauba wax.




Ensure panels are completely clean. Apply to one or two panels at a time with a foam applicator pad. Use light pressure and small circular motions across the entire panel.


Wait 3-4 minutes (this will vary with temperature) after application to allow wax to dry to a haze. Then use a plush microfibre cloth to buff the wax to a perfect finishing shine. If you have problems buffing the excess off, try and apply more thinly or reduce the length of time allowed to haze before buffing.