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Cosmic Detail Candy Glaze
Cosmic Detail Candy Glaze

Candy Glaze

Carnauba Show Glaze

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Candy Glaze is a must-have product for any detailer, providing a perfect finish, coating your paint with a carnauba-based deep, wet look. The no-cut shine-enhancing formula is perfect to use in-between polishing and waxing or even as last step product. Lasting around 2 months, this protective show glaze doesn’t need to be topped with a wax.

A glaze is an often forgotten element to the detailing process that really should be an integral part of your cleaning kit. And this one give the best of both worlds and an undeniable finish and clarity. Sweet.




Shake bottle before use. Apply a small amount of the glaze to a foam applicator pad. Spread evenly and thinly with overlapping strokes across the entire panel.


Allow to dry and then buff with a plush, clean microfibre cloth. Repeat glaze application with a further 1-2 coats for extra gloss and protection.