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Cosmic Matters - Winter Be Gone

Cosmic Matters - Winter Be Gone

It's February. It's cold. It's probably raining. No matter how hard we all try, it is inevitable that our cars end up looking rather sorry for themselves during winter.
Fortunately, here at Cosmic Detail, we have a few products that can help you get on top of that, when we're lucky enough to catch a sunny sunday to squeeze in some detailing! Read on below to check out what we've got in The Cosmos to help you purge the dirt! 
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ALPINE Snow Foam

The biggest problem with that winter build up, is how much grime and salt you have to remove, without damaging your paintwork. This makes everything you do before the contact wash even more important - so start your wash process with a good snow foam.


ALPINE is a pH Neutral snow foam is safe to use on all paint surfaces to remove traffic film and bugs effectively, but safely, without stripping wax and protective layers. 

A top tip for snow foaming is to spray your first coating directly onto the dry paintwork, BEFORE any rinsing. When applied on top of water, especially if you have sealant or wax on the paint, the snow foam will be much less effective at grabbing the dirt. Dont forget water mixes in to the foam lance, so its not just ALPINE directly onto the car!

Aim for a reasonably thick coating of snow foam, that slowly runs down the paintwork. Too thin, and it'll run too fast to be effective, but too thick, and it wont work the dirt at all, just sitting where you sprayed it! Let ALPINE work its magic for a few minutes, then rinse it away.

Generally, 100-150ml of ALPINE in your foam lance will create the desired level of foam, but you may need to adjust this depending on the pressure of your pressure washer! 

STELLAR Wheel Detailer

You're wheels are in for a real beating during winter. As if brake dust wasn't bad enough, all that salt, grit, mud and grime seems to be attracted to alloy wheels like a GT3RS to a race track!

STELLAR is a spray on wheel detailer, that has that little extra bite setting it apart from a standard paint detailer. It works more aggressively to remove the grime that bakes on to the surface of the wheel, clinging on much tighter than the dirt you find on your paint.

To get the best performance from STELLAR, spray it directly onto your wheels, and make sure to cover as much of the surface as possible. Let STELLAR work for a couple of minutes while you apply to the other wheels, and then move in with a detailing brush to agitate the really stubborn dirt, making sure to get into all surfaces on the wheel (don't forget your nuts!)


The good news is, STELLAR has been developed to be safe for wheels of all kind, so be it split rims, satin painted rims, or a special custom finish, you can trust STELLAR to get the job done safely.

DIAMOND COAT Paint Sealant

Let's be real - one of the most frustrating parts of being a clean freak, is how quickly your car can end up dirty again at this time of year. So after spending an afternoon getting the grime off, make sure you add some protection to the paintwork - not only to look after the surface, but also to help remove the dirt even more efficiently next time.

DIAMOND COAT is our spray on, rinse off paint sealant. It's incredibly easy to apply, and provides instant protection for your paintwork, plastics, wheels and glass. It can be applied before topping off with wax, or you can use it as a maintenance sealant - perfect for this time of year!

Once you're happy you've removed all of the dirt from your car, grab DIAMOND COAT and get spraying. The car can be wet or dry for application - for a maintenance application, we apply before the drying stage, to avoid drying twice. Don't risk any extra swirls with unnecessary contact!
Spray liberally across all surfaces you wish to protect, and then let the polymer formula work its magic for a moment or 2. Be careful working in the sun - DO NOT let the sealant dry on the paint. When the countdown is complete, simply rinse away. At least next time it rains, the beads with be little diamonds of perfection!
If you have any questions about any products from The Cosmos, or what will work best for you, never hesitate to send us a message on any platform!

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