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Cosmic Matters - The Cosmos

Cosmic Matters - The Cosmos.

Welcome to the second edition of Cosmic Matters, the Cosmic Detail blog where we share with you insights about The Cosmos, detailing tips, exciting content, and a whole lot more.

In this blog we would like to introduce you to our full product range, which we call The Cosmos.

(Yes, we like to keep things Cosmic related 👽)

If you're wondering, The Cosmos is simply a different way of saying universe, so today we're going to be introducing you to our product universe, which is split into a few different categories; Wash, Finish, Protect and Accessories to help you Elevate Your Detailing.


Our wash products are designed to compliment each other in returning your paintwork to a gleaming finish, especially during these messier times of year when salt and mud seems to get everywhere!

Alpine is a PH neutral snow foam which loosens dirt and debris from your paint, wheels and trim, to prepare the car for the contact wash stage.
Dope Soap is a wax safe, highly concentrated shampoo which produces a beautiful lather, perfect when combined with the Cosmic Wash Mitt for purging the leftover dirt.
Stellar wheel detailer is a spray on solution for your alloys, to make the removal of road grime and brake dust much more effective.
Anti Matter is a highly effective PH neutral fallout remover, to give your detailing the extra edge for removing the toughest, ingrained dirt, to bring back that paintwork sparkle.


Our range of finishing products are perfect for adding that final touch during your detailing, to really make your car stand out from the crowd.

Dapper Finish is an excellent all round quick detaier, perfect to use as a drying aid to prevent streaks and water marks on your freshly cleaned paintwork. Its also ideal for removing fine layers of dust or dirt picked up on the way to car shows, to make sure nothing ruins that shine!
Dressed To The 9's tyre dressing is packed with durable silicon oils, which leave your tyres with a long lasting, deep, rich gloss. The ultimate shine tool to help your wheels pop out from the crowd.
Touch of Glass keeps your windows clear and smear free, so you can always see how good the road ahead is when out for a weekend hoon! And, lets be honest, no one likes seeing grubby fingerprints on door windows at the breakfast meet...
Voodoo is a gentle abrasive polish to efficiently remove surface contaminants and light swirls, leaving you with a smooth, clean surface to apply glazes, waxes or sealants on to for the best possible finish.
Candy Glaze is an essential product for any serious detailer. This carnauba glaze is perfect for enhancing that shine and leaving a deep, glossy look to your paintwork. It offers a protective coating by itself, or can be layered with waxes and sealants for the ultimate stand out shine.
Forge is our metal polish, ideal for using on chrome, stainless steel and other metals to remove oxidisation and tarnishing. Its great for being exhaust tips back to a brand new finish - no one wants carbon coated tips (and we're not talking carbon fibre!).


The final detailing stage is protecting your hard work from the elements, so that swirl free shine stays gleaming for as long as possible. Well protected bodywork and wheels also helps speed up your maintenance washes, as dirt just falls away.

Diamond Coat provides a spray-on-rinse-off sealant solution for your paintwork. Incredibly easy to apply, it leaves your paintwork protected from bird lime and general grime, while also beading beautifully when the heavens decide to open on your freshly cleaned car - it happens to us all!

Royal Guard is an easy to apply wheel sealant; simply spray on to your clean, dry wheels, let the sealant bond for 2 minutes, then wipe away with an edge-less microfibre. It really is as easy as that, preventing heavy brake dust and road grime build up, and saving you a lot of time on the wheel cleaning stage of your wash.

Gravity is our show stopping carnauba wax. It leaves your paintwork with an incredible gloss, as well as the added layer of protection from dirt and grime. For the ultimate glossy finish, apply Gravity to your paint work after a thorough cleanse with our finish products, Voodo and Candy Glaze.


You can also get your hands on some essential detailing accessories in the Cosmic Details shop.

We stock the fantastically fluffy, deep pile Cosmic Wash Mitt, perfect to use with Dope Soap for the contact wash.

The Edge-Less Microfibre is a great all round cloth for using with a huge selection of products from The Cosmos. Wipe away dust with Dapper Finish, protect your wheels with Royal Guard, or buff away Voodoto reveal that thoroughly cleansed finish.

Our Detailing Brush Set includes 5 detailing brushes of different sizes, perfect for getting into the tight creases between panels, or agitating Stellar on your wheels to clean out tight spaces like the wheel nuts, or between spokes.

And most importantly, your detailing isn't complete until a black ice scented Cosmic Air Freshener is dangling from your rear view, greeting you with a fresh smell every time you jump in the car, as well as showing everyone you mean business with your detailing.


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Until next time, keep on Elevating Your Detail, and make sure you get in touch if there's anything you want to know or see!

👽 Team Cosmic 👽